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Diving license acquisition course

Why not get your diving license surrounded by nature in the world-famous Shakotan Sea?

Course price

3-day course: 71,500 yen


10 years old and above

Those who can speak Japanese

*The entry course includes application fee, rental equipment, facility usage fee, and transportation fee.

*Please note that if the trip takes more than 3 days, an additional fee will be charged (7,700 yen per day).

*Those who purchase diving equipment when starting the course will receive a discount on the course fee and equipment . Please contact us for details.

Course Content

To start diving, you must first take the PADI Open Water Diver course (OWD), which teaches you the basic knowledge and skills to eliminate your fears underwater, and receive a C-card (Certification of Course Completion). This is the first course you need to enjoy diving!


The course is achievement-based rather than time-based, and requires a minimum of three days to complete academic, pool and ocean training. However, as the course is taught slowly and carefully in small groups, even those who are not good at swimming can participate with confidence.

Also, even when the water is cold, you can dive in a "dry suit" that you wear over your clothes, so you can enjoy diving all year round, regardless of the season!


Application (If you cannot visit the store, we will contact you by email.)

1. Fill out the necessary documents

Please fill out the application form and pay the course fee. You will be given the PADI digital learning materials. We will decide the date, so please specify your preferred date.

2. Home learning

Please study at home using the PADI digital materials. First, watch the online videos and then attempt the knowledge review of the materials.


Day 1 of the course


1. Morning: Academic course (approximately 4 hours)

If you have any questions during the lecture, please feel free to ask. We will explain thoroughly until you understand. And at the end of the lecture, there will be a simple quiz.


2. Afternoon pool training (limited water area) (about 4 hours)

You will practice the important skills required for any dive, but in confined waters, the instructor will first demonstrate. You may not be able to do it well at first, but we will take the time to practice until you are satisfied.


Second and third days of the course


1.Marine training

You will practice what you learned in the pool lessons in the real ocean.

(Depending on sea conditions, it may become Lake Shikotsu.)


You will actually try out the skills you have practiced in the ocean training. It's time to enter the ocean. There may be waves and swells, so it may be different from when you are in a pool, but if you follow the instructor's instructions and stay calm, you will be fine! After practicing the necessary skills in the ocean training, you will be amazed by the underwater tour guided by the instructor!

Once you have completed all the curriculum, you can apply for Open Water Diver certification!

Once that's done, you'll finally join the ranks of divers!

Let's go to the wonderful world of the sea!

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